Sew Forth Frequently Asked Questions


Answers to some of the most asked questions. 

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How long do alterations typically take?

It depends on the alteration. Normal clothing alterations typically take about 2 weeks. Formal wear such as prom dresses or bridesmaid gowns take 3-5 weeks. Wedding gowns typically take 6-10 weeks depending on the amount of work and fittings involved.  Rush jobs are sometimes available for an extra charge. Contact us for more details, inquiries or to schedule your appointment. 


How much do alterations cost?

Again, it depends on the alteration. Contact us for more information about your garments and types of alterations needed on each piece.  Bring in your garments and we can offer a free estimate.  


How do you fit my clothing?

There are 2 dressing rooms available in the store for trying on garments.  Our sewists will mark the alterations while you are wearing the item to help ensure a proper fit. You are also welcome to bring your items in already marked, although Sew Forth cannot guarantee a proper fit if the items are pre-marked. Contact us to schedule a fitting. 


Do I need to make any preparations before I bring in my garments?

There are some things that you can do to prepare for your fitting. All clothing must be clean prior to alterations. For example, if you need a new zipper in a winter coat, we do require that the coat is washed before it is brought in. If you are bringing in pants to hem, especially new jeans or cotton slacks, you should prewash them to ensure that they will not shrink after the alterations are done. 

What to bring with you:  if we are measuring the hem in your garment, bring in the shoes that you will wear with that item. This is especially important with formal gowns. If we are altering the fit on your gown, you should bring the undergarments that you plan to wear, as they can considerably change the way your dress fits. During thepandemic, we require all clients to wear a mask in the store and during the fitting. If you do not have a mask, washable cotton masks are available for purchase in the store at $10 each, handmade by our seamstresses.


When should I reserve my tuxedo rentals?

If you are reserving tuxedos or suit rentals for your wedding, we recommend you complete your order and finalize all measurements at least 4 weeks before your event.  The same time frame is recommended for Prom tuxedos.  Booking early is the best way to ensure that the style you want is available in the size you need.  Rentals can be ordered in a quicker time frame, contact us for more information. Contact us to schedule your tuxedo fitting.


Do you work on miscellaneous items such as curtains or shoes?

We do work on a variety of non-clothing items.  Curtains and blankets are taken in on a piece by piece basis.  Specialty domestic items such as these generally take longer to work on complete than standard clothing alterations. But feel free to contact us for an estimate on your items.  Shoes and boots are items that we do not work on at Sew Forth Alterations. 


Do I need to make an appointment?

During the covid-19 pandemic, we are recommending appointments for all pick ups, drop off and fittings.  We will no longer take walk in fittings, you must call ahead and schedule an appointment if you need to use the fitting rooms to try on garments.  Call, email, or contact us through social media if you would like to schedule an appointment.